менструального цикла, hormonal cycle


Now that talking openly about menstruation is no longer taboo, skin-care lines formulated for monthly hormonal shifts are concentrating into the $9.2 billion category.

It’s long been known that our hormones effect the condition of our skin. Yet there is little innovation when it comes to helping women manage their skin, which is constantly in flux throughout their hormonal cycle.

But as consumers get to know their skin better, they are beginning to understand how external products interact with their body’s individual cycle.


With the tagline ‘Know your skin.Period’, Knours provides product recommendations at different points in a woman’s hormonal cycle. The eight-product clean beauty range is accompanied by an artificially intelligent app, known as U-Kno, which tracks users’ monthly cycle, collating this with medical insight into skin condition and mood fluctuations, to demystify their changing beauty needs throughout the month.

менструального цикла, hormonal cycle

The collection includes a Double Duty Mist, which contains moisturising squalene and jojoba oils. These ingredients naturally rise to the top, while the aloe vera water and botanical extracts sink to the bottom, allowing for the option of shaking them together to target dry, tired skin or using the water-based ingredients on their own when skin is at its most sensitive.

менструального цикла, hormonal cycle


There’s also Amareta, a “hormonal-based” beauty and wellness brand out of California that uses primarily plant-based ingredients to formulate its luxe holistic skin-care products. As with Knours., Amareta wants you to embrace your natural cycle and adapt to it so as to care for your skin differently depending on the time of month.

The brand credits the lack of “hormone-disruptive chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, harsh acne-treatment ingredients or questionable plant extracts” as the reason its products work to keep your skin balanced and clear during the typical 28-day cycle.

менструального цикла, hormonal cycle

Beauty brands are taking inspiration from the wellness industry and creating products aligned with natural human cycles and chronobiology.

Photo: Knours, Amareta

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