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Fast speed of modern life bombardes our brains by millions of bits of information on daily base. As a result the question of concentration and attention improvement becomes crucial for those of us who wants to live and work effectively, using natural ability of our brain in optimal way.

In December 2016 and January 2017 The Corinthia Hotel chain offers their guests a special package of spa services for the brain. Sounds great, isn’t it?

The package “Brain power” includes a specially designed menu for the improvement of mental abilities. Brain uses up 20-30% of our energy intake, so eating for the brain – as well as our body – is an important point.  That’s why it is essential that the food was consumed not only to support the body work, but also mental health. In addition to the specially designed menu, the hotel offers services of a professional neuroscientist coach. Coach will study not only your brain resilience, but will suggest you the best relaxation program for achieving peak brain performance.

brain power packages

What we eat and drink, how we sleep and stimulate the brain through the five senses, all play a key part in creating the optimum conditions for brain power performance. The package offered by the hotel picks up the quickly growing trend of cognitive science knowledge in layman life. The hotel atmosphere, soft and neat pillows and blankets, fresh air, healthy food could improve not only our physical shape, but also mental health. Take a note!

The blogger and student at the University of Vienna Anastasia Kay leads the channel on Youtube about learning, productivity, useful life hacks, quality of life and foreign languages. Selecting cognitive science as the main subject of her future profession and using her former business consulting experience, Anastasia shares with audience her knowledge about the brain possibilities and how to improve cognitive ability in everyday and professional life. The community of the channel unites 232,000 followers!

Improvement of cognitive abilities is becoming a magic pill in the education sphere. The global hyper-competition and our relentless desire to stimulate our productivity leads to hight interest in neuroscience and cognitive science. Medicines which widely used to help children with neuro misbalance are being used to create focus and task motivation now (i.e. make really dull things seem interesting). They pass the doors of many offices and affect more strongly than usual coffee, cigarettes or Red Bull does.

Sports brands are also feed the trend. Nike Company has added to its application Nike Soccer a series of exercises to train brain of future football players. Pro Genius offers an exclusive technology developed by sports psychologists and previously used only to train professional athletes. Nike also plans to expand the application with the test of users’ cognitive abilities.

Most of us make a living by using mental abilities, that is why it is so important to know and to understand how the brain works, what we can do to maintain the mental health and keep the best brain performance for a long time. Trend for spread of cognitive science knowledge is one of the prime that brands should follow in their desire to improve the quality of its customers life.

Photo: Sonia Rentsch,  The Corinthia Hotel

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