мужская косметика, men's wellbeing


As definition of masculinity revised, men are increasingly interested in investing in personal care products beyond their everyday grooming rituals. New companies are aiming to capitalize on a market that traditional brands have never fully embraced for millennial men. Intelligent branding, modern aesthetics, smart conversation-starters and an intuitive e-business model are driving the new landscape for men’s wellbeing.


Created as a training programme for skin, Proverb is a new online brand for men that combines skincare products, supplements and expert advice. Founded by skincare consultant Kirstie Sherriff and her husband Luke Sherriff, the couple have combined their expertise to ‘make it simple for men to find advice and content on wellbeing all in one place’.

Alongside the products themselves, Kirstie and Luke have developed a smartphone app that offers personalised recommendations based on the user’s skin concerns, fitness regime and how much they travel. In addition, an in-app news section offers curated advice on skin, body and mindset from both the couple themselves and experts in other fields.

мужская косметика, men's wellbeing


Hair loss prevention products typically feature clinical branding and medical terminology, but men’s wellness start-up Hims takes a design-led approach to offer a fresh perspective on baldness, which affects most men at some point in their life.

According to The Belgravia Centre, 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by age 35.

The e-commerce brand, which plans to launch a series of wellness products aimed at men, including items to improve skin health and sexual performance, is part of a wave of pharmaceutical start-ups that are moving away from the pharmacy model and embracing online platforms. While the brand adopts a minimal style for its packaging, it takes a transparent approach to its ingredients, offering a detailed explanation of each one’s properties on its website.

In Hims’ branding the well-trodden path of portraying bearded, rugged masculinity has been replaced by one that nudges towards gender neutrality. Even the vitamins come in a friendlier form—the brand’s hair-strengthening vitamins are not pills, but red gummy bears.

мужская косметика, men's wellbeing


The moisturiser HEATH is formulated with Soliberine NAT, an active ingredient that protects the skin from the harmful effects of blue light emitted from digital devices.

The introduction of charcoal in the face wash is another example, and helps to draw out dirt and impurities from the pores. So many men live or work in a fast, stressful urban environment and they are looking for a simple solution for their skin at an affordable price.

Inspired by an urban natural lifestyle, the ingredients for each of the products are displayed clearly on the front, highlighting not just transparency from the brand but an increased desire from consumers to know what is in their products.

мужская косметика, men's wellbeing


The global wellness industry is worth over $3.7 trillion, according to the Global Wellness Institute. New and old companies are seeking a slice of this international market.

A modern understanding of masculinity is suffer changes. We also can observe a growth in men’s desire to new skincare and men’s wellbeing products. Thanks to this trend there is a chance for cosmetic brands to take a niche on wellness market. The pharmaceuticals companies can boost their margins just by rethinking and changing the positioning of their products. Sport clubs with spa services can boldly extend their programs with new packages for men.


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