ритейл-дизайн, retail design


Landlords and retailers are finally realizing that retail design and architecture can add value to a space and lure shoppers off their sofas and into stores.


Noby Araki is a Japanese architect from Tokyo. Last autumn, Araki created a boutique in the Aoyama neighborhood for fashion brand Auralee. The space mix the feeling of a cosy home and a private gallery for the clothes.

ритейл-дизайн,retail design

The architect wanted to create a sense of relaxation as well as a suspenseful atmosphere. Araki brought human interaction to the fore – a wooden table and chairs occupy the back of the shop for customers to talk with the staff. Human communication is an important part of Auralee’s sales strategy.


Kelvin Ho grew up helping his father to build boats, which they sailed together along the Sydney coastline. He loved to work with timber and fiberglass. Their forms and shapes intrigued him.

The architect chose retail architecture to satisfy his passions for construction and creativity. His interior-design firm Akin Atelier has masterminded the interiors of more than 150 stores across Australia. Among them are the boutique Bassike.

ритейл-дизайн, retail design

Kelvin using unusual materials and light to shape each space. In these days of shopping online, he believes retail architecture still play a valuable role in inciting people to spend.


Working in the city known for the eclecticism of its buildings and the oversized egos of its architects, Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee are known for their cool retail design.

The architects offer brands a mix of theatrical performance and set design for contemporary retail. Their minimalist elegance is visible in projects for skincare company Aesop, clothing retailer Velvet’s flagship store and most recently in the showroom for furniture company Knoll. The goal is to let the design express «something unspoken about the brand».

ритейл-дизайн, retail design

Certainly, a retail design is not only a visual component of your store, but also a cardinal improvement in customer experience. The main task is to leave your client with the best possible emotions and memories about the store and try to keep your guests for shopping.

PhotoNobuo Araki, Kelvin Ho, Johnston Marklee Retail

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