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The story of “magic pills” is transformed to a new trend. Trying to save beauty and health for many years, the consumers pay attention to the proposals of young companies and start-ups. The desire to replace the complex of drugs with one of the most effective tablet does not leave the minds of consumers and producers.

Using new knowledge, the latest scientific research and modern marketing tools, the companies that offer modern “magic pills” are entering to the market. The main emphasis is done on the food supplements, which serve the flagship product of the brand.

Katerina Schneider, CEO and founder of Ritual developed a capsule containing the basic nutrients that promote well-being, highlighting transparency to reassure customers. The brand supplies details about the product’s origin, nutritional benefits and composition as well as the nine essential ingredients that women need every day (iron, magnesium, omega-3, folate, boron and Vitamins K2, D3, B12 and E).

пищевые добавки, food supplements, vitamins

Care/of, MegaFoodHUM are also leading this trend. Product offers have boomed, especially in the U.S., where consumers spend several billion dollars a year on vitamins and non-regulated food supplements.

пищевые добавки, food supplements, vitamins

Far from the usual food supplement clichés, these brands undertake to supply capsules that are “healthy” in all aspects. In the U.S., some companies have earned consumer trust by calling on reputable pharmaceutical consulting firms (e.g. Pharmacopeia USA) to confirm the composition of their products and verify that they contain no trace of heavy metals, allergens or pathogenic agents. Others are amplify their teams of scientists and physicians, aiming to add more advanced products to their portfolio.

Another objective of this trend is to broaden the target segment. As new food supplements emerge, the gap between beauty and health continues to narrow.

By focusing their product offers on these vitamins, young companies and start-ups are hacking the pharmaceutical industry. Tending to minimize the importance of this market, in spite of steadily growing demand, the latter seems to be in no hurry to get with the program.

Photo:  Care/of, RitualMegaFood

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