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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people aged 60 or older will outnumber children under five by 2020. By 2050 there will be two billion people over 60 (up from 900 million in 2015). Western countries have had years to adapt to the new longevity. Brazil, China and India will only have 20 years to make the same level of adjustment. By 2050, China is projected to have 90.4 million over-eighties, the world’s largest population of this most elderly group (and quadruple the number in 2013). By 2030 in Russia almost every fifth resident of the country will be over 65 years old.

Ageing is the main macro-trend, which causes a lot of fears and questions among politicians all over the world, and points out growing opportunities for brands in this field.

The pensioners are one of the most wealthy and solvent groups in Western countries. Beautifully packing the idea that retirement is a best life period to take care about yourself and to enjoy life brands stimulate this group of consumers to spend more money for goods and services. Over the past year, the aged models have appeared in advertising campaigns of Celine, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Loewe.

In Russia, the trend is picked up by young brands and aged models are participate in photo sessions for the St. Petersburg brand MATH-studio, Omsk brand Vika Kim, Chelyabinsk brand Ermakovishna. Models are exclusively representing by Russian modeling agency Oldushka. The year-old agency grew out of founder Igor Gavar’s passion project, photographing retiree street style on his blog (also called Oldushka).


New Old exhibition took place in London at The Design Museum. The exhibition showed how emerging technologies would improve the quality of life for older consumers. Superflex’s Aura powered suit features built-in electric muscles that support a wearer’s torso, hips and legs. The ElliQ social companion robot is designed to help older people feel less lonely by enabling them to easily contact their family and friends through video chats, online games and social media.


As we can see, many brands demonstrate that old age can be healthy, beautiful and not alone.

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